Vada Pav

Vada Pav
Vada Pav
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When you think of Mumbai, you can’t not think of Vada Pav. Call it the India’s answer to the burger, a meal on the go, a street food champion or a source of inspiration – what you can’t deny is that the Vada Pav captures the essence of the city of dreams. It is the fuel that gets you going, whether it is by tickling your taste buds, or by giving you a much needed quick burst of energy

This quirky little piece is our tribute to the Mumbai Street Food King. It’s meant to be used to keep your things together. But it serves many other purposes. You can use it to declare your love of food to the world, or simply to remind you to eat. For us, it serves as a reminder of the spirit of a strong, beautiful, dynamic, resilient city. How it works for you, is up to you. Get creative. And get your hands on one - for yourself, or someone else.


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