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Four players can participate in this game that's similar to Ludo. The purpose is to take your counters from the starting point to the safety of home. However, the game is traditionally pl..
SOLD OUT Chathurvimshathi Koshtaka
This is a game drawn from an old book written in Sanskrit by Harikrishna, son of Venkatram in the late nineteenth century. It is interesting to read the first stanzas of the book and appreciate the ..
Chaupad (A Traditional Indian Dice Game) Perhaps no other game is played in so many different variations all over India as Chaupad. The variations often have slight differences in the board..
SOLD OUT Chinesepiel
A Game with Colour Dice A colour identification game for young children, it is believed to have originated on the Indo-China border. Suitable for very young children. A simple g..
This is a strategy game in which the aim is to get as many points as possible by getting three pieces in a row. Two players are given 9 coins each. The players try to move them to get 3 ..
Black Elephant, White Elephant Kalanay Belanay, a game from Karnataka, was taught to the Kreeda staff by a lady anxious to see the games she played as a child passed on to the n..
This game reflects the spirit of the city of Madras. The information in the cards is an introduction to learn more about the city through the illustrations and descriptions p..
SOLD OUT Pallanguzhi
Played on a wooden board with 14 cups in it, this is a game of distribution and counting. Variations of the game appeal to different ages and make it challenging and ex..
Parama Padam Sopanam (Steps to the Highest Place) Parama Pada Sopanam means Steps to the Highest Place (where Parama Pada means highest place and Sopanam means..
Search for Sita (A Sequel to Vanavaas) Part II of the Ramayana Series This is a game conceived by Kreeda, and is a sequel to Vanavaas. In the Indian ep..
This is a game conceived by Kreeda, and is the third part of the Ramayana series. In the Indian epic - the Ramayana, Dasharatha, Rama’s father is forced by an old promise to send Rama, his eldest so..
The game is traditionally played with cowrie shells instead of dice. To protect our biodiversity, we have discontinued the use of cowrie shells. We use ga..
Vanavaas (Adventures in the Forest) Part I of the Ramayana Series This is a game conceived by Kreeda, and follows the footsteps of Rama, L..

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